Top KinisisTop Kinisis Travel Public Ltd. is a leading tourism organization operating in Cyprus and internationally. The organization offers a wide range of tourism services which can be purchased either directly from its offices or online through its portal The services offered include; hotel accommodation, (meet, assist, and transportation service at airports, ports, and hotels), car rentals, sightseeing, excursions, and wedding and honeymoon packages, and shore excursions services. The company also undertakes bookings for theatre shows and other social events, handles registration for conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, prepares cruise packages, issues air tickets, and plans and organizes journeys for organizations, associations, and corporations. In addition, it operates charter flights, arranges VIP travel, organizes conferences, sports and events management services.  

Key Personnel

Mr Constantinos Kakkouras

Mr Kakkouras has been working in the Travel & Tourism industry for more than 30 years. He holds an BA degree in Economics and he is the Managing Director of Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd as well as the President of the Board of ACTA (Association of the Cyprus Travel Agents). Mr Kakkouras can greatly assist in the efforts for creating links with governmental bodies and travel and tourism associations and groups for facilitating the effective adoption and promotion of the products delivered through the project.

Ms Despina Papadopoulou-Kakkoura

Ms Despina Papadopoulou-Kakkoura holds an MSc degree in Management & Information Systems. She is the author of a number of successful European co-funded projects, two of which; FEMINA and HERMES were selected among the best of their year of call and were presented as best practices in the annual contacts meeting in Brussels. Ms Kakkoura has served as the Project Manager/Coordinator/Partner in a number of EU projects and events and has been the Training Partner in a number of Leonardo and Equal (Channel of Access) EU funded projects. She is a Certified Training Professional; knowledgeable about theories and methods used in designing, developing and delivering successful training programs and adult learning concepts. Ms Kakkoura is engaged in new product research and development, existing product updates, quality checks and innovation, she has developed numerous training manuals for training seminars and has helped hundreds of trainees reach their goals. Ms Kakkoura has also designed numerous training seminars to meet the specific needs of a number of companies and organizations both in the private and the public sector in Cyprus. Additionally, she has offered specific training programs to help employees improve their job skills and has evaluated training materials prepared by other instructors.

Ms Christina Distra

Ms Distra has over 12 years of practice in Business Administration activities and extensive experience in Tourism Management.  She holds an MBA degree from CIIM, Cyprus, a BA degree in Tourism Studies from Bournemouth University, UK and a Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from Alpine Center, Greece. After completing her studies, Ms Distra joined Top Kinisis Travel, at the position of Executive Conference Coordinator until 2009 where she undertook the organization and operation of local and international conferences on behalf of private and public sector organizations. In 2010 she was promoted to the position of Operations Manager. Her position involved the coordination of day-today operation matters of the Organization including project preparations, proposals for introducing new services, human resources and preparation of EU funding proposal and management following their approval. As of 2013, Ms Distra has been the Conference Manager of Top Kinisis. She is in charge for its Business Development and is accountable for client proposals and contracts.

Ms Tanou Elena, Vice President

Ms Elena Tanou has over three decades of experience uncovering secrets of successful tourism business has an exclusive experience in the field and has become a principal authority on achieving extraordinary results in Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd (a leading international tourism company in Cyprus). She is travelling more than 200 days per year. Ms E. Tanou graduated from the University of Nancy where she obtained her BA degree in Travel and Tourism Management. She used to work in the UK, in Travel Industry specializing in the sectors of Special Interest Tours and Conferences. With straight from the heart passion and high-energy, Elena motivates her employees to step beyond their limitations and their individual greatness. This makes her a great leader, successful business woman and exclusively skilled traveller, who always sees a business opportunity in things that others would miss out.

Mr Andreas Kakkouras

Andreas joined Top Kinisis Travel in 2011 after completing his studies in the UK.  He received a BA (honors degree) in Marketing and Business from Middlesex University and an MSc in E-business and Innovation from Lancaster University enabling him to gain the skills and knowledge needed to shape innovation in e-business and e-commerce brought by the internet, mobile, and multimedia technologies. Andreas holds the position of Marketing Manager. His position involves the fulfilment of the company’s demanding marketing and advertising needs and more specifically the production of advertising materials and the promotion of the company’s brand name. Andreas is responsible for developing marketing and advertising strategies for the short-term as well as the long-term perspectives in creating new products and services and promoting the existing ones. The search for opportunities of forming and building mutually beneficial relationships with other companies is also part of his day-to-day work. Besides the online and offline marketing of the company, Andreas often represents the company by attending exhibitions and seminars abroad in order to establish new co-operations and keep up to date with the new developments in the Travel and Tourism Industry.