ACTAThe Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) is par excellence the NGO agency involved in tourism and travel affairs. It was founded in 1954 and since then it has been recognized as the organization which laid the foundation of Cyprus Tourism. ACTA is monitoring all developments, local and worldwide, concerning questions of tourism and travel and is in a position to exercise responsible policy regarding the rational promotion of such issues. A formal recognition and confirmation of the responsible behavior of ACTA and of its important role is the fact that it has been approved by law as the issuing Authority for Cypriot Tour Operators. The Association’s prime aims are to protect, promote and develop the general interests of Travel Agents and of tourism and travel and to ensure that membership of the association shall be recognized as a guarantee of integrity, competence and a high standard of service.  

Key Personnel

Mr Yiannis Michaelides

Mr Yiannis Michaelides, Director General of ACTA. He represent ACTA in meetings with the government and ministries, with the House of Parliament, with the Cyprus Tourism Organization and with Hermes Airports, lobbying for the best interest of our members. In addition, he represent ACTA in the European Travel Agents’ Association meetings and often presents the Association’s policies in regards to various tourism issues, in television and radio programmes. He is responsible for the organization, management, control and supervision for the effective operation of the services and activities of the Association and implement the decisions and strategy of ACTAS’ Board of Directors. He is also responsible for organizing training seminars for our members and presentations of Airline companies, in an effort to assist and facilitate the process of communication, coordination and cooperation between airlines and travel agents and other tourism stakeholders. Furthermore, in cooperation with the exhibition committee he organises the annual Travel Exhibition “TAXIDI” in which tourism companies, travel agents, airlines and tourism organisations from home and abroad take part. It has been organized for the last 22 consecutive years and attracts more than 7000 visitors every year. TAXIDI has established itself as a very useful event, where the Cypriot voyager expects to be informed of all tourist packages available and make decisions for future trips. ACTA signed the UN World Tourism Organisations’ Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and our Secretariat is responsible to promote and implement the values of responsible and sustainable tourism development and to report on the implementation of the principles of the Code of Ethics to the relevant Committee in UNWTO.

Mrs Andri Georgiou

Mrs Andri Georgiou is the officer of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA). She is in constant communication with members through phone and emails trying to solve their day to day problems. She is also responsible for sending the daily circulars of ACTA to all members and affiliate members with vital information affecting their daily operations. Her duties involve the issuing of members’ invoices and receipts and in general she helps the Director General in all financial matters of the Association (preparing budget, monthly payrolls, etc.). In addition, she updates ACTAS’ website, social media publications and prepares ACTAS’ annual directory. She is also responsible for the licencing of the Cypriot Tour Operators according to legislation.