STEKThe Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ACTE) was founded in June 1997 by a group of tourism entrepreneurs who share the common view that the development of quality and sustainable tourism is a one-way road for Cyprus Tourism. Hence, ACTE is composed of a group of prominent top quality hotels and tourist enterprises all over Cyprus. The credo of ACTE and its raison d'etre is the strong need for planning, development and management of a quality tourism product in Cyprus. The total quality approach was adopted for two fundamental reasons - it can bring success from the marketing standpoint and, at the same time, benefit local residents and the environment. It is our strong belief, that to sustain and further develop quality in hotel and tourism businesses, a slow-down is necessary in the construction of new hotel units, as well as, upgrading and enriching existing ones. This is the reason why our association only accepts as members quality hotels. Each and every one of our members is totally devoted to quality. Our mission is to play a constructive role vis-a-vis the government and the private sector, so as to enhance the image, quality and efficiency of the hotel and tourism industry in Cyprus. This is the reason why ACTE is an active and prominent tourism industry stakeholder. Through substantiated standpoints, systematic research and in-depth studies, ACTE has been a driving force for the necessary quality improvement and upgrading of Cyprus tourism product.

 Key Personnel

Mrs Chrisemily Psilogeni 

Mrs Chrisemily Psilogeni is the General Manager of STEK since 2014. She was previously employed as a Sales & Marketing Director in various private companies. She worked as parliamentary associate of an MP in the Cypriot Parliament for 4 years and as a project manager in one of the major shareholders of the two airports in Cyprus. Mrs Psilogeni is a member of various tourism boards, namely the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's Consulting Committee, the Presidency's Tourism Task Force, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's Tourism Task Force, the Health Tourism Promotion Board, the Cyprus Convention Bureau and Limassol's Promotion Board. She also actively participates in the Southern Europe Tourism Initiative. She represents STEK in various tourism exhibitions abroad, as well as international tourism conferences and fora. Mrs Psilogeni holds an MBA, a Postgraduate Degree in International Policy and Diplomacy and a BA in Political Science and International Studies with specialization in International and European Studies.

Mr Pavlos Papazachariou

Holds expertise in tourism marketing together with a solid background in finance, audit and accounting. He was previously employed as a financial accountant and external auditor in Greece and Cyprus. He holds a five-year Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering with a specialization in performance management. Has also an MSc with distinction in Tourism Management and Marketing which provides him with a framework to conceive and comprehend the relationships between customer satisfaction and marketing optimization, along with the skills to conduct marketing plans, research planning and budgeting. He has developed a critical understanding of contemporary marketing issues and trends such as formation of customers’ experiential image, e-tourism and social media marketing. Currently he is in the final stage of becoming an ACCA member.

Mrs Elena Kyriacou 

Mrs Elena Kyriacou is ACTE's Office Administrator since 2007. She was previously employed as an Office Administrator in CTR Publications (2005-2007) and British American Tobacco Ltd (2004-2005). Mrs Kyriakou has a Diploma in Office Administration.